The Air Scientifics Equipment utilises the combined effects of Close Couple Field Technology (CCFT) in conjunction with High Air Flow filtration (HAF).

Individually these innovations are at the leading edge of air cleaning technology, but when combined the synergistic effect is to create an extremely potent killing force and a filtration level of below 0.1 microns within the unit, whilst providing a totally clean and safe environment outside of it.

CCFT is one of the most effective air sterilizers developed to date. In essence the Close Couple Field generates a controlled High Voltage field contained within the safety of the equipment. This field imparts a huge destabilising effect to all airborne Biological and Chemical compounds passing through the equipment and degrades the compounds to their constituent molecular parts prior to the particles then being trapped within the High Air Flow (HAF) filter.

In addition the Close Coupled Field temporarily alters the state of the oxygen within the field allowing the Technology (as a by-product) to safely harness the potency of natural, yet un-stable, ozone within the confines of the field. The Air Scientifics system has been designed to utilise this ozone in a unique manner, allowing it to re-combine almost instantly within the confines of the equipment and to return to the environment as safe, breathable air.

This is a real advance and led to certification of the CCFT utilised within the Air Scientifics equipment, to satisfactorily meet the new European EC38 emission regulations.

Other equipment on the market which set out just to produce ozone as the active agent, end up with a stabilised form and have not solved the problem of how to safely handle this potentially dangerous element.

When used in conjunction with the revolutionary HAF filter, the Air Scientifics Equipment remove suspended particulates from the air flow passing through the equipment to below 0.1 micron. This is achieved by utilising another of the unique properties of the CCFT, adding super-charges to all particulates, thus vastly increasing the Electrostatic capabilities of the HAF medium and out performing HEPA filters for flow rate and effectiveness.

HAF Filtration is a unique system that allows up to 60 times the filtration speed of conventional filters and at a lower power consumption. The HAF range of electrostatic filters matches the uppermost standards for bi-polar filtration.

Combining these technologies in a manner which affords a high flow rate permits the effective treatment of large volumes of atmosphere in a manner which we believe represents a significant advance in the area of air management.

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