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Don’t be beaten by poor Air Quality

Protect your Investment in your star performers and athletes, and give your guests an unrivaled atmosphere!

Player and Athlete Well-being

With competition and the stakes at all time highs, can you risk losing your team to illness just before the big game? It is important to ensure that your most valuable players and athletes remain fit and healthy. By installing Air Scientifics Equipment you can reduce the risk of infections spreading around the Dressing Rooms and training facilities. The CCFT technology kills viruses and bacteria reducing the risk of airborne transmission and spread.

In addition, the Air Scientifics Equipment breaks down the chemicals which cause smells and odours, making the dressing room experience a whole lot fresher.

Corporate Hospitality

Sport is big business so maximize the quality of your facilities. By utilising the Air Scientifics technology, you can ensure that the atmosphere in your corporate facilities remains fresh and welcoming to your guests, and that they are protected from airborne risks and odours. All of which helps to make a pleasurable match day experience.