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Protect your Investment

The Environment of the accommodation in which Poultry are housed has an obvious impact on the state of their health and their development, and considerable resources are already applied to controlling that environment in order to try to maximize the returns on the investment made.

What value do you place on your Stock

The CCFT technology used in the Air Scientifics systems kills and traps airborne Viruses and Bacteria, and removes harmful airborne chemicals and odours. With proven effectiveness against all four groups of viruses, and each group of Bacteria and fungi, including spores, the Air Scientifics technology will remove pathogens such as: H5N1, CAV, Parvovirus, Newcastle Disease, and Salmonella and Campylobacter aerosols; and toxic chemicals and odours such as Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and Ammonia.

So, whether your business is egg production, breeding, or bird production for human consumption, the application of the Air Scientifics technology can provide protection to birds at each stage of the life cycle by controlling the environment during breeding, hatching, transportation, and maturation in broiler houses.


Chicken Welfare is of growing importance in the mind of the General Public and Regulators, highlighted by a series of high profile TV programmes. With new EU Regulations planned for 2010, the application of the CCFT to remove harmful gases such as Carbon Dioxide and Ammonia, will assist with the compliance to these Regulations and also to meet other Welfare standards such as the RSPCA Freedom Food scheme.

Cost Savings

There are potential benefits other than just the welfare of the birds themselves. Application of the Air Scientifics Equipment can help reduce the energy costs associated with controlling the atmosphere the birds live in. Improved cleaning of the air allows for greater recirculation and reduces the need for fresh air make-up reducing fuel costs associated with air handling.