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Are you producing or testing Pharmaceuticals in Clean Room conditions?

Clean Air is a vital requirement to the Production and Quality Control of Pharmaceutical Preparations to ensure the Integrity of the product. With regulations stipulating the classification of the production environment for the different types of Pharmaceutical Product, control over the quality of the air is paramount.

Similarly with the environment of the testing laboratory, the required degree of control is vital to assure the integrity of the testing performed.

The Air Scientifics units, using the combination of the Close Couple Field Technology (CCFT) and the High Air Flow (HAF) filter, has been independently tested against the requirements of ISO 14644 delivering a reduction in particles equivalent to two ISO Classes when DOP tested.

Where other technology traps Bacteria and Fungi, the Air Scientifics technology destroys them, and when tested, the HAF filter performed to a H10/H11 HEPA filter manufactured to BS EN 1822.

Depending upon usage, this unique combination of the CCFT and HAF filter technology means the likely-hood that fewer filter changes are required than conventional units and therefore there is reduced downtime and its associated re-validations.

Whether your requirement is in the production facility or in the laboratory, with a variety of bespoke integrated or stand-alone applications available, the Air Scientifics equipment can provide a flexible solution for your needs.