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Marine Applications

Welcome Aboard for Air as Fresh as a Sea Breeze

Passengers, crew and support staff are all exposed to a variety of airborne contaminants, including Chemicals, Particulates and Microbes, which even at relatively low levels can cause discomfort and potential risks to health.


The devastating effects of Norovirus outbreaks on board cruise ships have been well publicised and can seriously undermine passenger confidence. The CCFT technology kills Norovirus, therefore use of the Air Scientifics Equipment, either as Stand-alone units used on a flexible basis or bespoke units as part of a wider application, will assist in the containment of any outbreaks.


Installation of Air Scientifics Equipment drastically reduces the levels of the toxic Volatile Organic Carbons and particles found in Tobacco Smoke.

This will allow for the potential for greater occupancy of On Board designated public smoking areas such as Casino’s, by smokers and Non-smokers alike. Increased use of a Casino is likely to be followed by greater income generation.


Remove the ingress of odours from the galley areas into the passenger areas of the vessel with the installation of the technology in areas of the galley such as preparation and waste areas.


The application of the technology in cabins, either as individual plug and play units or as part of an integrated solution, can reduce the need for segregation of cabins for smoking passengers and aid with the “Turn-around” cleaning between voyagers.

Cost Savings

Installation of the Air Scientifics equipment as an integrated part of the Ships air conditioning systems can reduce the dependency on fresh-air make-up, and reduce the associated heating/cooling energy costs.