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Protect Quality and your Accreditation now

Laboratories are spending considerable time and effort in ensuring the quality of the analysis performed, including controlling the testing environment. However, the quality of testing and Accreditation are at risk due to extraneous contamination.

With ever tightening requirements on the control of your testing environment, the CCFT and HAF technologies employed in the Air Scientifics equipment can help you with your compliance.

Microbiology Laboratory

Does your laboratory suffer from sporadic outbreaks of mould contamination, with infestations of Moulds such as Chrysonilia?

Good house keeping and hygiene are often not enough to combat the rapid spread of contaminants such as Chrysonilia. Significant amounts of money are wasted disposing of contaminated plates. The Air Scientifics equipment can help you to stop throwing money away.

Protect your lab staff now. Chrysonilia is a known Asthma sensitizer, and there are many documented cases of Industrial Asthma caused by Chrysonilia exposure.

The Air Scientifics equipment has been successfully applied to help remove these issues!!

Clean Room Laboratory

If you need Clean Room air quality, such as that associated with the testing of Pharmaceutical products, the Air Scientifics Equipment can assist in providing air which meet the requirements of ISO14644.

Health and Safety

As the Air Scientifics equipment breaks down airborne Chemicals such as VOCs, the technology helps to protect your laboratory Staff from background odours and Vapours.

However “testing” the environment”, Air Scientifics has the Solution.