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Hotel & conference facilities

Improve the Experience

With a range of units specifically designed for application in Hotels, Bars, Restaurants and Conference facilities, Air Scientifics can provide you and your guests with pure fresh air, and enhance the experience of staying in or using the facilities of your hotel.

Hotel Rooms

Provide your guests with rooms with a fresh and clean atmosphere. Either as a stand-alone unit or as part of a wider installation, the Air Scientifics equipment will remove all airborne Bacteria, Moulds and Odours from the room, ensuring that on arrival the guests receive a fresh room no matter who was the previous occupant.

As the CCFT technology and HAF filters in the Air Scientifics equipment removes the harmful chemicals, odours and particulates in cigarette smoke, the need for designated smoking rooms is reduced providing greater flexibility for room allocation.

Conference Facilities

The symptoms associated with Sick Building Syndrome are well known, and application of the Air Scientifics units in your conference facilities can help provide a much fresher environment for the delegates.

With large numbers of delegates in possible attendance, the opportunity for airborne infections to be spread to increased numbers of people is evident. As the Air Scientifics units will kill all airborne bacteria and viruses, you can help prevent the spread of the current cold or flu bug to those attending the conference or meeting your facility is hosting.

Leisure Facilities

Prevent the ingress of the Odours associated with the Swimming Pool and leisure facilities into the rest of the Hotel environment