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Exercise your right to Clean Air

Do you want to improve the atmosphere in your exercising areas?

As part of normal respiration, the human body uses Oxygen and generates Carbon Dioxide. But during exercise the demand for oxygen by the muscles increases as does the amount of Carbon Dioxide produced. To combat this the air handling systems within exercise halls is replenished with fresh air from outside.

However, the Air Scientifics technology actually removes Carbon Dioxide from the air and as part of the process replaces it with clean fresh air. Application of the Air Scientifics units can therefore provide a supply of clean fresh air to your members from within the building with a reduced need for fresh air make-up. This can lead to reduced air handling costs associated with this refreshing process.

Are you concerned about Odours associated with your Locker Rooms and Activity Halls?

The CCFT technology in the Air Scientifics equipment breaks down the chemicals which cause odours and removes them from the air, returning only clean breathable air to the atmosphere, providing a fresher experience.

Installation of the Air Scientifics equipment can bring Fit and Healthy air to your members as part of their exercising experience.