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Is Clean Air Food for Thought?

Quality Assurance

The quality of the food produced is at the fore-front of the manufacturing process. With increasing regulator control associated with the production of the food we consume and the commercial requirements of the Retailers, assurance of quality and safety is paramount.

The Air Scientifics technology compliments and provides further assurance to existing practices by increased control over the atmosphere in the production environment with the removal of airborne or aerosol carried Bacteria and Moulds. The Air Scientifics equipment, not only kill any airborne bacteria or moulds, the debris is retained in the unit.

Consequently the application of the technology can greatly assist in not only Food Safety by the prevention of the spread of airborne pathogens, but also food spoilage by removing the potential for sporadic contamination of certain products from airborne microorganisms such as Moulds .

Certain raw materials are notorious for their inherent microbial loading, and when these are also prone to produce dust, the removal of the airborne risk is vital. The Air Scientifics equipment can help provide a solution.

Maintenance and remedial Actions

Following maintenance or remedial actions in the production and preparation areas, the “deep clean” is part of the normal re-start procedures. With a track record in helping reduce airborne contaminants following building work or maintenance, the Air Scientifics units can help as part of this process.

Product Control

Release of fruit “ripening” chemicals, such as Ethylene, into the atmosphere can require control in order to manage supply. The CCFT technology used in the Air Scientifics equipment break down such chemicals and can assist in the control of the atmosphere.

Our Industry experts will be pleased to discuss your requirements with you to provide an application which meets your needs.