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The Air Scientifics Equipment utilises the Close Couple Field Technology (CCFT) in tandem with terminal electrostatic filtration of the airstream.

CCFT breaks down and eliminates chemical compounds such as the harmful components of smoke; and biological materials such as Moulds, Bacteria, Spores, and Viruses; removing airborne contaminants and Bio-hazards from the air.

Chemicals are broken down into their constituent parts, and the RNA and DNA of all microorganisms is broken down rendered innocuous by the process.

The electro-statically charged 3M High Airflow Filter captures all the debris from this process and all other airborne particles down to 0.1 micron e.g. pollen, skin cells (animal & human) dust mite excreta.

As well as reducing the levels of airborne pathogens, the equipment also promotes improved general working atmosphere and environment by eradicating odours, reducing contaminants and offering protection from a wide variety of toxins (both naturally occurring and man-made).

CCFT will break down and destroy the chemical that causes Odours, therefore completely removing the Odour and not just masking it.

Independent studies have demonstrated that the CCFT and HAF filtration will:

Kill Bacteria, Moulds, Yeasts, spores and Viruses to levels in excess of 99.9% in a single pass

Remove smoke from the atmosphere

Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds

Significantly reduce levels of Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide

Significantly reduce levels of Ammonia

Eradicate particles to below 0.1 micron in size

Remove ultrafines (including asbestos)

Provide biological protection from the likes of Influenza, Norovirus and the cold Virus,

It is important to note that because CCFT kills everything that is passed through it, the filter does not have anything bio hazardous on it. Everything collected is inert which means that it can be changed without fear of reintroducing anything harmful back into the air.